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Ágnes Bertók, M.D.

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Phone: +36 30 19 89 392

General information

All UD English Program students must possess a valid European health insurance. According to the agreement between Generali Insurance Ltd and the University of Debrecen, it is Generali Insurance Ltd that is responsible for providing health insurance for the students and their relatives.

The insurance offers coverage for the followings:

  • certain medical services and treatments,
  • medications and therapeutic instruments,
  • the expenses of patient transport

Conditions: the medically insured person must use the services provided at the clinical units of the University of Debrecen, or with the consent of these units, or if there is a case of emergency that is medically justified and requires the usage of other health care service providers.

If the insured purchases medication or therapeutic instruments in a medically justified case, he or she must present a bill issued for the name of the appointed health care service (University of Debrecen, 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.) or for the name and address of the insured.

Documents which are less than a month old are required to be handed to Dr. Ágnes Bertók. The reimbursement can be received at the Coordinating Center for International Education.

The insured does not have to cover the expenses of the medical treatments in advance as the Insurance Company will be the one taking care of the costs.

The insured certifies the validity of his/her insurance with his/her health insurance card, which after he/she is entitled to health care services. The insured needs to have his/her card and passport with him/her at all times, because the insurance card is only valid together with your passport. If the insured is a citizen of the European Union, his/her ID card is also accepted instead of his/her passport.


Further information about the insurance can be found below.



The Customer Information of the Generali Insurance Ltd can be downloaded from the below links.