Health Insurance

Your GP


Ágnes Bertók, M.D.

Office hours (MON-FRI):

9:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 15:00


+36 52 316 666
/ext. 23012


4032 Debrecen,
Egyetem tér 1.
(the building behind the Coordinating Center for International Education)


 After office hours:

weekdays: 1900 - 700

weekends and holidays: 1600 - 700

Phone: +36 30 19 89 392

Private health care

All treatments and surgical interventions provided by the departments of University of Debrecen can be received without insurance if they are payed for. The so-called EU price list is relevant for the UD students, regardless of the country they arrived from. Personal identification and active student status must be authenticated, which can be performed by an health care assistant. The center of the self-funded patient treatment is handled by REOF Nonprofit Ltd’s office which is situated in the Theoretical Building, on the low ground floor, open on weekdays from 8.00- 16.00. Patient treatment is performed by the doctors of the departments, and the REOF Nonprofit Ltd is responsible for the administration. Inquiries may be asked at this telephone number: + 36 (52) 444 222.


Please be aware! Preferential prices only pertain to registered UD students, not to their family relatives!