Health Insurance

Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions

These General and Specific Terms and Conditions apply to the insurance contracts concluded with Európai Utazási Biztosító Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság.


The insured Incidents include illnesses or accidents of the Insured Person occurring abroad during the term of the insurance, owing to which the Insured Person reasonably receives emergency medical care, and the death of the Insured Person caused in this respect abroad (i.e. outside of Hungary or the country of residence, but within Europe).

If the Insured Incident occurs, the Insurer undertakes to reimburse the following costs of emergency medical assistance abroad and the rescue related thereto:

(a) medical examination and medical treatment,
(b) purchase of medicine for prescription made out in the name of the holder,
(c) transportation of patient to a doctor or hospital by ambulance,
(d) hospital care (inpatient care) not exceeding 30 days,
(e) laboratory tests,
(f) intensive care,
(g) emergency operation according to general medical practice,
(h) buying of crutches, knee- and elbow-pads or compression stockings for medical prescription,
(i) emergency pregnancy or obstetric care up to the end of the 24th week of pregnancy at latest,
(j) reimbursement of the costs of emergency dental care and oral care for reasons other than an accident,
(k) oral surgery service owing to an accident,

The Insurer undertakes to pay services of value exceeding EUR 150 per insured incident only if the occurrence of the Insured Incident is reported to EUB-Assistance by telephone as soon as possible (and within 12 hours at the latest) and all documents necessary to evaluate the service claim (e.g. diagnosis, nature of the intended healthcare treatment and expected costs of the treatment) are submitted to EUB-Assistance (e.g. via fax), and EUB-Assistance:

(a)  authorizes the use of the services, and
(b)  approves the service charge determined by the service provider in advance and undertakes payment guarantee therefor in writing.

The Insurer does not undertake to reimburse the costs of services which are not medically justified in case of emergency treatment, but are provided only at the patient's request, e.g. chosen medical practitioner or advanced hotel service at the hospital.

For the complete, detailed version of the General and Specific Terms and Conditions please download the PDF document below.